Yiyuan Luo[ee yoo-an (like 'Evan') lw-oh]

yluo124 [at] ucsc [dot] edu

Hi there! I am Yiyuan, a second-year CSE Master's student at the 🍌University of California, Santa Cruz.

I have a broad interest in theoretical computer science, especially in approximation algorithms for combinatorial problems. Currently, I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Vaggos Chatziafratis.

Before coming to UCSC, I graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University. My undergraduate thesis was about deep learning and recommendation systems. I was an intern on the TikTok iOS team at ByteDance in 2020.

I was a player in competitive programming. My last competition was representing UCSC in the ICPC Pacific NW, where I achieved 11th place (6th in the school ranking). Even though I didn't make it far in many competitions, I enjoyed it very much and met a lot of lovely people along the way.

Check out the most beautiful and unique campus of UCSC! [YouTube video | bilibili video]